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2 reviews for Aurea Extracts – Terp Sauce

  1. Andrew604

    Andrew604 (verified owner)

    This terp sauce is super dark. Has the consistency of molasses. Terp sauce isn’t suppose to be like that. That being said it’s not bad. Not that tasty tho. Gets you high and it’s clean, those two aspects are important to me. I don’t think I will by this again. For the price it is good tho. I’m just really picky. On second thoughts I might buy this again, because for the price it’s good.

  2. Stonedcoldnut

    Stonedcoldnut (verified owner)

    I wish I had a glowing review for this but sadly I do not. This is for the Pink Kush. Firstly, the jar it came in has a child lock type lid that can be a pain to open but great if you have children that get into things, this would be perfect. Next is the color, very dark, almost black looking with a pure perfume nose, but not in a good way imo. It’s just too much perfume smell for me. The potency is definitely decent tho and this vapes surprisingly fairly clean considering how it looks and tastes. All in all I would put this in the lower-mid range for quality. I would take the house Terp Sauce over this without a thought. The House sauce is cheaper too. I’m sorry Walter but I just cant endorse this stuff. It’s the second product I’ve had from Aurea that I wasnt too pleased with. I will be avoiding them in the future and sticking with ANY of the other amazing concentrates here. The Budder, House Terp Sauce, Amber Cups or especially the Everest if you’re looking at shatter are all FAR superior choices imho. You cant win em all, but Buybcbud comes Damn Near close. Truly my favorite Mom for just about everything!! Enjoy folks!

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