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A stellar craft cannabis available in incredibly limited amounts. Perfect for celebrations.

3 reviews for Blue Lamborghini

  1. JV

    JV (verified owner)

    This is an extremely unique bud, a must try really. The eye appeal is simple amazing! A pleasure to roll and the smooth, deep flavor is unmistakable from any other bud I’ve ever enjoyed. The high is a combination of acute energy along with pain relief and relaxation. Superb high quality bud without question. Oh – and the service and shipping from BuyBCBud is *World Class*. Get some soon!

  2. TheJudge

    The Judge (verified owner)

    Tastes like berries and fuel. Super sticky, smelly, and potent. The real news here is the bag appeal. I have never seen anything like it. The pictures on this site don’t do it justice because you can see some green. The buds I recieved (nice and big) are completely purple, save for the orange hairs. I’ve seen and had purple weed before, but I have never seen bud like this. It’s so completely purple it’s absurd. I’m glad I decided to splurge on this stuff as it is some truly unique bud (and AAAA). Belongs in a side show.

  3. fpsgerald

    fpsgerald (verified owner)

    this is the most purple bud I’ve ever seen

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