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No matter if you crumble it with some of our best strains, pack it in a bowl or you’re a fan of lung ripping BT’s – this blueberry black bricks hash has got it all. Powerful body stone effect, great price, and incredible taste and smell.

This is not a product you wanna miss so be sure to put this ion your cart for a dessert like smokable treat.

2 reviews for Blueberry Hash

  1. rage666

    rage666 (verified owner)

    Wow! not sure how this is so fruity, but this is great tasting hash. The texture is nice too, its sticky. And the smell is incredible! Thanks Walter! I didnt like the blonde one so much, but this is awesome! I like it as much as the bubble hash, and this is 10 grams. I would definately try this, and I will be buying this again before I run out.

  2. JMoore

    JMoore (verified owner)

    Something not quite right here. It sure does smell like blueberries. Too much so. Seems unnatural. Smells too strong like some blueberry artificial flavouring was added. Not for me. I am almost afraid to smoke the stuff. I would like some assurances from Walter that this is a natural product.

    • Walter Green

      Walter Green

      They use blueberry terpenes

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