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Roll it in a joint, dab it, pack it in a bowl.  This product has not been decarbed and is not ideal for edibles, but it is one of the most pure, naturally extracted hashes you can get.


1 gram, 5 grams, 10 grams, 10 gram "brownie"

20 reviews for Bubble Hash

  1. kristof519

    kristof519 (verified owner)

    Nice and strong, never disappointed ordering from Walter.

  2. PJM

    PJM (verified owner)

    PJM. You can’t go wrong same fine quality that was offered @ the former BCbub store

  3. MtSmiley

    MtSmiley (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with this hash. It’s quite potent and smells incredible! Smokes great in joints and a pipe. Very good value. Walter, you never seem to disappoint 👌

  4. samzorio

    samzorio (verified owner)

    Some of the best bubble hash around at a reasonable price.

    Love this stuff will be buying again.

  5. Nagelfam

    Nagelfam (verified owner)

    Love this hash! Good price, great hash.
    Always Happy with it!
    Thanks Walter 🤤

  6. kparker808

    kparker808 (verified owner)

    The best deal on bubble hash out there right now. Not a full-melt, but plenty of bubbling. Good luck finding anything better for under 40/g.

  7. TheJudge

    The Judge (verified owner)

    Not quite a full melt, but fairly close. It packs a punch too. It’s possible to get better hash, but it’s tricky to find and will cost you big time. This stuff comes out to 12.50/g, which makes this hash the best value you will find ANYWHERE, ever. And second place isn’t even close. I have no idea how Walt pulls this shit off.

  8. Got_Sand

    Got_Sand (verified owner)

    I smoked alot of internet “bubble hash” and nothing compares to this stuff here, it’s legit smooth and tasty!!!

  9. mcolbert63

    mcolbert63 (verified owner)

    Delicious, clean, tasty – wish I could get a 5 gallon bucket

  10. GOOD_KUSH (verified owner)

    Very impressed this is AAAA quality from Walter. Definitely grabbing some more.

  11. Got_Sand

    Got_Sand (verified owner)

    I wanted 10 grams now it only comes in 1 or 5 grams and instead. And it’s more expensive why?
    Hike in the prices on hash very disappointed!!!

    • Walter Green

      Walter Green

      Everything is prepackaged, we are currently out of 10g containers, I only added the smaller sizes due to requests for them. Don’t be disappointed the 10g containers will be back. I think because I added the other sizes people panic bought all the remaining 10g containers. They will return 🙂

  12. Loop

    Loop (verified owner)

    This is some great bubble hash. Very pliable and easy to work. A tiny bit seems to last forever in the bong. Potent and burns clean. Burns perfect in joints. Will be looking to get more before I run out.

  13. Ignitor

    Ignitor (verified owner)

    Just love this stuff so much I told my brother to buy some and he loves it as much as I do. Looking forward to trying some of Walter’s other products. Just gained 2 new customers.

  14. chronossito

    chronossito (verified owner)

    This is usually my favorite hash, the best available anywhere in canada however the new ‘brownie’ option deserves to be its own product page as it is a totally different hash, with different taste, way more impurities and overall just shouldn’t be in the same page as it is kind of confusing even though cheaper. As a big fan of the usual bubble hash, i could not get myself to smoke the brownie

    • Walter Green

      Walter Green

      thank you for the review of the brownie, we will probably not restock this product again unless others request it again.

  15. Icecap

    Icecap (verified owner)

    Didn’t expect this bubble hash to be brown. I like the lightish color and it was flammable when lit.

  16. joey

    joey (verified owner)

    Just got this, smked 1/10 g in pipe and WOW

  17. joey

    joey (verified owner)

    Just got this, smked 1/10 g in pipe and WOW better than Majar Sharif

  18. Puggy

    Puggy (verified owner)

    Nice product, potency is good and the taste is clean. On the darker side but it doesn’t affect the quality. My 2nd time here (the 1st one was the terp sauce in Dec.19 at $300. a zip…) and it’s quality stuff at good price.

    Plus, ordered Sept 1st-received Sept 3-BC-Mtl, that’s a pre-Covid performance!!

  19. JMoore

    JMoore (verified owner)

    Great hash. Good flavour. Strong buzz. Excellent product.

  20. dedgar

    dedgar (verified owner)

    I’ve search online dispensaries far and wide and I can’t find a deal better then this one. At $12.50/gram with 10 gram purchase (not the brownie) you can’t go wrong. Thanks so much, first time customer I will be back!

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