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House Blend (25g), Moby Dick – Sativa (25g), Pink Wreck – Indica (25g), Tom Ford's Pink Kush Small Buds – Indica (25g), Isolation Fire Can (AAAA-Pink Kush) – Indica (25g), Wedding Cake – Indica Hybrid (25g), Black Diamond – Indica (25g), AK 47 – Hybrid Sativa (25g), Wheelchair – Indica (25g), Sunny – Sativa (25g), House Blend **10 GRAM**, Small Buds **20 GRAMS**, Coffee Cake – Indica (25g), Black Domina – Indica (25g), King Tut – Hybrid (25g), Rockstar – Indica (25g), Pink Kush – Indica (25g), Pink Lemonade – Hybrid (25g), PLuTo – Indica (25g), Death Bubba – Indica (25g), Pinkie – Hybrid (25g), MKK Ultra – Indica (25g)

8 reviews for Cheap 25’s

  1. GOOD_KUSH (verified owner)


  2. kaiakush

    Will (verified owner)

    The pink kush is a pleasure to smoke. On point, high quality cannabis, AAAA for sure! Would love to see another AAAA available as well!

  3. kaiakush

    Will (verified owner)

    I would rate the Wedding Cake cheap 25, 3 stars. This particular batch of wedding cake looks nice, but the taste is not great. Buds are small and dry, strength is not quite there. I previously ordered a batch of wedding cake from this site a month ago, 10 grams for $65, and that batch was much better.

  4. NDG

    NDG (verified owner)

    Very happy with the Pink Wreck & Pink Kush!

  5. Scarbz416

    Scarbz416 (verified owner)

    any pink kush you drop its going straight to my cart.

  6. Mcleantait

    LetsMak3Waffles (verified owner)

    I’ve had the cheap 25s in a few different variations but recently I got the black lightning and was absolutely blown away. Nice fluffy buds, fantastic colour and crystal with a really nice laid-back buzz. Would reccomend.

  7. Scarbz416

    Scarbz416 (verified owner)

    Idk if it’s me but the pink kush I received seems a little too fruity compared to the previous pink kush I received from you guys. I was a little thrown off but nonetheless it’s still a very beautiful looking bud.

  8. Viking

    Viking (verified owner)

    Yeah I would buy that again πŸ˜ŽπŸ‡©πŸ‡°

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