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House Blend (25g), Moby Dick – Sativa (25g), Pink Wreck – Indica (25g), Tom Ford's Pink Kush Small Buds – Indica (25g), Isolation Fire Can (AAAA-Pink Kush) – Indica (25g), Wedding Cake – Indica Hybrid (25g), Black Diamond – Indica (25g), AK 47 – Hybrid Sativa (25g), Wheelchair – Indica (25g), Sunny – Sativa (25g), House Blend **10 GRAM**, Small Buds **20 GRAMS**, Coffee Cake – Indica (25g), Black Domina – Indica (25g), King Tut – Hybrid (25g), Rockstar – Indica (25g), Pink Kush – Indica (25g), Pink Lemonade – Hybrid (25g), PLuTo – Indica (25g), Death Bubba – Indica (25g), Pinkie – Hybrid (25g), MKK Ultra – Indica (25g), Trainwreck – Hybrid (25g), Diesel – Sativa (25g)

10 reviews for Cheap 25’s

  1. GOOD_KUSH (verified owner)


  2. kaiakush

    Will (verified owner)

    The pink kush is a pleasure to smoke. On point, high quality cannabis, AAAA for sure! Would love to see another AAAA available as well!

  3. kaiakush

    Will (verified owner)

    I would rate the Wedding Cake cheap 25, 3 stars. This particular batch of wedding cake looks nice, but the taste is not great. Buds are small and dry, strength is not quite there. I previously ordered a batch of wedding cake from this site a month ago, 10 grams for $65, and that batch was much better.

  4. NDG

    NDG (verified owner)

    Very happy with the Pink Wreck & Pink Kush!

  5. Scarbz416

    Scarbz416 (verified owner)

    any pink kush you drop its going straight to my cart.

  6. Mcleantait

    LetsMak3Waffles (verified owner)

    I’ve had the cheap 25s in a few different variations but recently I got the black lightning and was absolutely blown away. Nice fluffy buds, fantastic colour and crystal with a really nice laid-back buzz. Would reccomend.

  7. Scarbz416

    Scarbz416 (verified owner)

    Idk if it’s me but the pink kush I received seems a little too fruity compared to the previous pink kush I received from you guys. I was a little thrown off but nonetheless it’s still a very beautiful looking bud.

  8. Viking

    Viking (verified owner)

    Yeah I would buy that again πŸ˜ŽπŸ‡©πŸ‡°

  9. RandyLahey

    RandyLahey (verified owner)

    Been buying from here whenever I wanted weed that’s fresh and grown to perfection over the last 5 years. Picked up the House Blend and after smoking a gazillion different strains from different places, in town and other sites, this is hands down the best quality product at it’s price point. Fresh, smells great, smokes clean. Great job guys, can’t wait to pick up some more primo stuff soon (some of my favs were Diamond Bubba, Sticky Pink, Jet Fuel and Pink Kush, but everything is always good). Thanks guys keep up the awesome work!

  10. RandyLahey

    RandyLahey (verified owner)

    Tried the Trainwreck this time and it is even better than the house blend. Very nice nose to it, tastes pretty good and gets ya baked @ $75 for almost an oz you can’t go wrong. These guys always have the best and freshest buds around. It’d be real tough to find better quality elsewhere regardless of price point but especially @ price point. Thanks guys will be back!

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