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Roll Style

Cannagar, Blunt


MIDNIGHT TOKER ( 1.75 / 0.25), MAGIC STICK ( 7 / 1 ), Sativa, Sativa Pineapple, Sativa Blueberry, Sativa Mango, Indica, Indica Pineapple, Indica Blueberry, Indica Mango, Hybrid, Hybrid Pineapple, Hybrid Blueberry, Hybrid Mango

4 reviews for Endo Cannabis Company Canngars

  1. Labrat420

    Labrat420 (verified owner)

    Got the 7/1 cannagar.

    7 grams of violator kush and 1 gram of Schulman cake shatter.

    At first I was skeptical it was actually 8 grams because it was only the size of a regular blunt but boy was I wrong.
    Its packed super tight and smoked for about 2 hrs, it was tasty and boy was I high. You could tell when you hit patches of the cake shatter and mmm it was delicious.

    My only complaint would be that because it is rolled using a stick there’s a hole down the middle so when you’re lighting it the wooden tip gets pretty warm. But once it’s lit youre fine.

    Highly recommend although it is a bit expensive, treat yourself.

  2. Purplegem

    Purplegem (verified owner)

    Ordered the cannagar. Amazing! Nice treat to end the week. Burns nice.

  3. tstewart88

    Tim Stewart (verified owner)

    Excellent treat. I prefer extracts over flower these days but this was a quality smoke. Will buy these again.

  4. Nugg

    Sean Fitzmorris (verified owner)

    I’ve had a lot of cannagars and blunts from many sources over the years. These are DEFINITELY the best I’ve had yet. I’ve only had the blunts as the cannagars weren’t in stock but I’ll definitely grab some of the big boys for special occasions. Excellent products.

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