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Roll Style

Cannagar, Blunt


MIDNIGHT TOKER ( 1.75 / 0.25), MAGIC STICK ( 7 / 1 ), Sativa, Sativa Pineapple, Sativa Blueberry, Sativa Mango, Indica, Indica Pineapple, Indica Blueberry, Indica Mango, Hybrid, Hybrid Pineapple, Hybrid Blueberry, Hybrid Mango

3 reviews for Endo Cannabis Company Canngars

  1. Labrat420

    Labrat420 (verified owner)

    Got the 7/1 cannagar.

    7 grams of violator kush and 1 gram of Schulman cake shatter.

    At first I was skeptical it was actually 8 grams because it was only the size of a regular blunt but boy was I wrong.
    Its packed super tight and smoked for about 2 hrs, it was tasty and boy was I high. You could tell when you hit patches of the cake shatter and mmm it was delicious.

    My only complaint would be that because it is rolled using a stick there’s a hole down the middle so when you’re lighting it the wooden tip gets pretty warm. But once it’s lit youre fine.

    Highly recommend although it is a bit expensive, treat yourself.

  2. Purplegem

    Purplegem (verified owner)

    Ordered the cannagar. Amazing! Nice treat to end the week. Burns nice.

  3. tstewart88

    Tim Stewart (verified owner)

    Excellent treat. I prefer extracts over flower these days but this was a quality smoke. Will buy these again.

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