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Fruit Punch delivers a smooth and delicious fruit flavour with a relaxing high that will spread throughout your body. This fruity flavoured sativa dominant hybrid is a delight to inhale and it will leave you mellow and calm. Whether you use it in a vaporizer or you burn these buds, Fruit Punch hits your tongue with a taste that is sweet and mixed with a lemony citrus flavour.

These buds are beautiful to look at, sporting a sandy green appearance speckled with dark strands of orange. Its relaxing and euphoric effects make this a great choice for any time of the day usage. If you want to zone out yet still maintain focus, you should add this unique strain to your cart today.

2 reviews for Fruit Punch

  1. Loop

    Loop (verified owner)

    Solid smoke for the price, smells great and smokes ok.

  2. Billkillerz

    Antoine Pelletier.Lavoie (verified owner)

    Smokes a bit rougher than other indicas here. Really smells like fruit candy. The taste reminds me of hickory smoked stuff. The buzz was nice.

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