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G Whiz Mintz is a great choice for anyone looking for a strong high that is as smooth as it is potent. This strain is a real thoroughbred as it is a cross between the legendary Northern Lights, and Kush strains. This lineage results in a premium strain that gives you an energetic, motivated high. The effects are mostly head-centered, which hit you almost the moment you exhale. This is a perfect strain for anyone looking to be mellow but still able to accomplish tasks making it a prime daytime smoke.

2 reviews for G Whiz MintZ

  1. Damer

    Sarah Harlow (verified owner)

    Great deal for the price! Opening the seal with a minty smell and crystal packed buds. Gave me great energy, definitely a great day time smoke!

  2. gorp

    gorp (verified owner)

    Very nice-looking, muscled buds, that smell great. Really enjoy the high, nice and heavy. Would be 5 stars, except that joints just will not stay lit.

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