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Gorilla Bomb is a true hybrid that encompasses the best qualities of both an indica and a sativa. At first this strain will give you an energetic and euphoric feeling, giving you the feeling that anything is possible. Later on this strain soon delivers a high that will melt away any thoughts and place you in a deep state of relaxation.

When consuming large quantities, Gorilla Bomb lives up to its lineage with its powerful buzz that will glue you to any couch you may happen to sit upon. These buds are beautiful to look at sporting a bright green appearance speckled with dark strands of gold. Be sure to enjoy this strain toward the end of your day and melt away your worries.

1 review for Gorilla Bomb

  1. Amudder

    Amudder (verified owner)

    Wow !!! This really is the Bomb !!
    Absolutely Bangin!!
    I am so impressed with the quality and effectiveness of this beautiful flower !!
    Thank you Walter .

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