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Sticky Stinky Greasy Pink! Dark and aromatic buds with an astronomical effect. Right up there with it’s sister strain Covfefe this indica strain is going to take away all your pain, worries and consciousness.Earthy pine flavors lead the way with slight floral highlights that bring out this strain’s sweet notes. This Crystal rich resinous bud has a smell that hits you right away with a pungent aroma that punches through your nostrils like a crazed skunk. Make sure that you have a way to clean your grinder or buster as this sticky sticky stuff has a tendency to stay attached. Bust up a pile of it and it will stick to itself when you push it around.

Sure to knock you off your feet and keep you there this heavy indica is a night time and pain relief strain that’s not to be missed. With THC potential as high as 30% this almost narcotic strain is going to me at the top of your list. Sure to inspire more than one silly conversations this special and unique strain is going to be a delight for cannabis connoisseurs and those who need a powerful medication.

2 reviews for Greasy Pink

  1. Blunttrauma

    Blunttrauma (verified owner)

    Very happy with my purchase. Stinky sticky Buds arrived in 2 days and I’m in toronto, the smell is amazing. Nice high. You wont be disappointed.

  2. Oshiko

    Oshiko (verified owner)

    Prenium grade of the finest avaible craft flower on the market today – dont be afraid to spend some buck on this clean & potent medication, you’ll get addict like me after the first can !

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