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Extremely clean, pure and stable, this BHO indica shatter is a great way to unwind after a long day. Instantly zap your pain away with our great tasting Amber. Great for pain relief, increasing appetite, and melting anxiety.

If you’re looking for a discrete way to take your medication – a few Amber puff will keep you discretely medicated all day and night without annoying anybody with your smoke.

Amber Shatter

We’ve been extracting this resinous substance from the prehistoric plant known as “Kush” with a highly un-dangerous process involving explosive fossil fuels and pressurization.  The end result is a non-Newtonian fluid that when consumed has caused noticeable drowsiness in subjects, followed by hunger, and a general feeling of well being. We aim to study this substance more and truly understand the power contained inside this amber treasure, but we need your help! Obtain your package and let us know your expert opinion.

For science, or course. A researchers guide to achieving optimal laboratory conditions is available here. The Perfect Dab.

 Amber (shatter house brand)

Rockstar, Skywalker, Blue Dream, Vader, OG Kush, God Bud


2 grams, 5 grams

8 reviews for Jurassic Buds – Amber (Shatter)

  1. Stonedcoldnut

    Stonedcoldnut (verified owner)

    I got the Blue Dream shatter and its VERY nice and clean product. Nice bright yellow color that vapes with no residue left in the bucket. Very clean taste of berries with a hint of fuel. Very potent as well. All around great product at this price point. Mine came a bit softer than I would have liked but everything else about this stuff is fantastic. Buy with confidence!

  2. Cornieklassen

    Cornieklassen (verified owner)

    I got it in the mail today I love the taste
    It’s so good. 🤗Puts you in the chair👍🏻

  3. kparker808

    kparker808 (verified owner)

    Great stuff for the price. Very light yellow in color, great smell, nice energetic high.

  4. Andrew604

    Andrew604 (verified owner)

    Got the rockstar. Not a fan. It’s definitely not any hue of amber. Don’t even know how to describe the color, a weird yellow maybe. It doesn’t taste clean and it leaves the banger black af. Won’t be getting the rockstar again. It looks nice tho, I like the consistency, just tastes a bit dirty.

    Ill try the rockstar again when it’s a different batch.

  5. Stonedcoldnut

    Stonedcoldnut (verified owner)

    I just received the rockstar as a replacement for an issue I had (a more than fair resolution, Walter is amazing at looking after customers with issues) and I gotta say, I think it’s great! The taste isn’t amazing by any means but it’s a clean vaping product that does require time in the fridge to make it snappy but packs a nice potent punch. I found out I was being sent this RS and was worried based on the review above but the concern was unwarranted because this stuff is just FINE!! I mean, if you want PREMIUM shatter than look at the Everest (unbelievable shatter in terms of clean vaping and unreal potency on the Chemdog) but for the price of this stuff it is great!! I will be looking to try the OGK amber next order. Thank you Walter, as always everything you sent was fantastic and more than fairly priced! Keep up the good work sir!!

  6. Basshawk

    Basshawk (verified owner)

    so bit of a mixed review really as got 2 kinds. I got the vader as well as the og. the vader not so happy with very dark harsh, not clean tasting, but very hard texture and snappy. so dark in fact that I thought I mistakenly received hash instead of shatter at first when looked at container of it.. the vader to be fair was slightly cheaper but didn’t expect that low of a grade. now on the other hand the og is phenomenal, looks like bright yellow honey and amazing flavour profile. very potent and very smooth. I would mention it is more of a resin consistency then shatter, but despite that as a dab it tastes great, clean and smooth and potent.

  7. Elnacho1698

    Elnacho1698 (verified owner)

    I got the Rockstar and it is very pleasant. The colour looked normal. Kinda helps me sleep but its manly just a really relaxing stone, really nice after a long day at work.

  8. thisapparatus

    thisapparatus (verified owner)

    Got 5gs of this (rock star), thought it was a smokin deal for what it is. Has a slightly orange tinge that i sometimes come across in other brands. not sure if that’s a remnant of processing. seems clean and taste is fine. i smoke it in joints, haven’t seen it in a rig. for 20 a g i am very happy with it.

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