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As you start the excavation of the cup.  The top layer is cannabis grass covered in keef 1 gram thick.  Digging through the first layer you uncover a 1 gram layer of course ultra high grade bubble hash.  Still searching for the burried “Dinosaur Bud” when you come to the 1 gram of RSO with 1 grams of high quality keef mixed.  It is at this resinous ultra high THC sticky mess, where you will find the fossilized 1 gram “Jurassic Buds” known as BAH (we have heard that it was named after the dinosaur that evolved into what modern day sheep are, but other trusted sources claim it means Black Afghani Hashish, we’ll let you decide).

Mix it all together, or take it down layer at a time, the choice is yours.  Happy Digging & Smoking

1 review for Jurassic Buds – Stonedasaurus Excavation

  1. Amudder

    Amudder (verified owner)

    I just received this today and let me tell you it is heaven in a cup !! Put a little small nug in the pipe and wow !! What a flavor! And a crazy stone !
    So I had more lol
    Seriously this is absolutely amazing quality and extremely cost effective.
    A little goes a long way.

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