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No matter how you spell it, keef, keif, kief, the results are always the same, this stuff will get you HIGH. This potent little cup, is packed with crystal shaken from a dried marijuana plant. Ideal for adding and increasing THC content in your joints and bowls. It is also very good for making high quality ISO oils you can use for cooking. With over 5 grams of keef in every cup, these cups will upgrade what ever needs a little kick for a very long time.


Pink Kush (10 Grams), Trainwreck (10 Grams), Gorilla Glue (10 Grams)

2 reviews for Kief (AAAA)

  1. PJM

    PJM (verified owner)

    Top off a bong load spice up a joint this is great stuff .

  2. Lecter

    Lecter (verified owner)

    great stuff,clean,very tasty

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