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Master Kush is a heavy hitter that we are confident you will enjoy. It is best to enjoy this strain toward the end of your day as consuming large quantities can lead to extreme relaxation leading to a deep sleep. Simply put, Master Kush can help take your mind off of most mental or physical pains.

Master Kush chops like a ninja and kicks like a sensei.

The flavor and aroma of Master Kush is described as earthy, peppery with notes of citrus. This strain is a delight to inhale as it has a robust aroma that is somehow smooth when you exhale. Master Kush buds are sticky, pungent, covered in crystals and with dark orange hairs throughout the forest green herb. This strain is very popular as it looks amazing, smells delightful, tastes sweet and packs a powerful high. We are confident that you will not regret adding this strain to your cart.


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