The CBD pens are the newest product from Mello, offering an incredibly smooth draw in three fantastic flavours. If you’re someone who uses CBD for pain or anxiety, these elegant odourless and discrete CBD oil pens are a perfect way to calm your agonies.

Just a few drops of their “For Her” CBD tinctures to any food or drink can help you shake off any seasonal depression, help improve your memory and alertness, reduce anxiety and a host of other maladies.  They’ve even got a version for pets. Our own staff have seen fantastic results with giving CBD to their pets – Check out our articles on CBD Pet therapy. Part 1 Part 2 

Their Mello roll on applies cbd directly to the afflicted area, soothing any tired, sore and inflamed muscles with a cool peppermint scent and 150 mg of CBD per roller. You’re going to love how it quickly takes care of mild headaches, stiff wrists, sore shoulders – really any aches and pains that can be a constant distraction – Just a quick and discrete application and you’re minutes away from relief.

Then at the end of the day when you have some alone time – fill up the tub and drop in one of their great CBD infused bath bombs and fully immerse yourself in wellness and relaxation.


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