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What MaryJane is to smoking cannabis, MilaJade is to vaping cannabis oils.  The next generation of cannabis users are here, and they want a healthier and more discreet way to enjoy cannabis anywhere. Vaping cannabis oils has been scientifically proven to be a healthier alternative to smoking cannabis.

Introducing the – LowKey

With industry leading new technology and a 410mah adjustable voltage battery, the LowKey deliver the ideal puff everytime.  From mild to mega puffs, this atomizer puffs perfect for everyone.

With vape pens being confiscated from cars, banned from concerts and events, the LowKey goes unnoticed until you exhale a cannabis cloud.  By discretely blending in with everyday items that we all carry – our keys, this atomizer goes unnoticed in plain sight.

Our flavours are all derived from natural terpenes, extracted with purity in mind, from a large variety of cannabis strains.  With the addition of natural fruit terpenes, we are able to create some very delicious flavours.  Cannabis terpenes are known to change the effect of cannabis slightly.  Some energize you, while others help calm you down.  The smoothness and subtleness of the vapor is very noticeable with quality terpenes.

With a Massive 1.2ML tank, this vaporizer will deliver puff after puff well after the others run out.  The LowKey carries more distillate or CBD oil than the competitors, at the same costs or less than other “pen” vaporizers.

No more messing around trying to screw your battery into a USB stick.  The LowKey has a simple charging port that can be charge with the provided USB charging cable.

Juul adapters are available.

For Milajade’s launch, there will be a large variety of flavours.  This may change so, if you especially love a particular flavour, please leave a review or send us your feedback.  We would love to hear from you and will continue to make the flavours you love.

Absolutely ZERO Vitamin E Acetate or any other liquid dilutants besides for natural terpenes.




Fob/Battery, Pineapple Cheesecake (Sativa), Hubba Bubba (indica), Banana (indica), Lemon Kush (indica), Chocolate Mint (hybrid), Tropical Trainwreck (indica), Grapeness (indica), Washington Apple (sativa), Blueberry Flame (indica), Vanilla Wafer (Hybrid), Winter Dream (sativa), Sour Diesel (sativa), Blue Dream (sativa), Gorilla Glue #4 (hybrid), OG Kush (indica), CBD Natural (ZERO THC), Pineapple SSH (sativa), Vanilla Kush (indica), Natural Blend (Indica/Sativa), COLA (Hybrid), Pina Colada (Hybrid), Hawaiian Herer (Sativa)

9 reviews for MilaJade’s – Low Key

  1. shwing5150

    shwing5150 (verified owner)

    Great product! No BS additives, great taste and buzz, and its also an excellent pain killer 👍

  2. Catseyeview

    Catseyeview (verified owner)

    I love this whole idea of the nice discrete Key like vaporizer. I’t’s so convenient, fits nicely in your hand, you can attach it to your key ring. I’ve tried several of the strains and they are all awesome! A few puffs and you’re flying high.. I live in an apartment so this slight odor is best. I blow out through the bathroom fan and spray and little orange and we’re good. I’ve tried several other items but this is just so easy and so good, I keep coming back for more!! Definitely my favourite!! AND reasonably priced!

  3. Amudder

    Amudder (verified owner)

    First there was Einstein , then came Walter and the most bangin way to get an “ attitude adjustment “ the flavour, the effects, the discretion , you can completely Palm it !!!
    And for
    The price !!
    Everyone would love it !
    Everyone can afford it !!
    No one would see it !
    Lowkey is Best for me .

  4. Ggirl9

    Ggirl9 (verified owner)

    I LOVE everything about this product! So small and powerful! Walter has never left me disappointed!

  5. ShaunacyG

    ShaunacyG (verified owner)

    Absolutely Love my Low Key! Very discreet, fits in my tiny hands just right, tastes great and isn’t harsh on the throat. Added bonus: the cost was low and pain is gone!

  6. Tammyh788

    Tammyh788 (verified owner)

    I am In love with this vaporizer, not only is it uber discreet, But it is so smooth, I’m not coughing for 5 min lile I have with other vapes. The flavors are hands down the best I have ever had, and continue to push that flavor to the very last inhale. Not burnt tasting like others. The battery by far also outlasts the compitition. I loved this so much, I created a trend with in my circle.
    Pineapple cheese cake is to Die for. So is the pineapple ssh.
    Lots of variety keeps me a very Happy Customer.
    Thanks Mila Jade for making it easier to use my medication

  7. shwing5150

    shwing5150 (verified owner)


  8. innawin

    innawin (verified owner)

    This has been a life saver! There is minimal odour, the flavours are fantastic, and the device really does the job. The battery generally last me a day or so of frequent usage. If you require discretion, this is highly recommended – You won’t be disappointed!

  9. Jdraker247

    Jdraker247 (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic. Recommend this for anyone who is on the go or just relaxing and decompressing from your day. Remember enjoy responsibly! And yes you will enjoy this product!

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