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Are you scanning our site looking for a rare bud that is sure to impress even the most experienced of smoker? Look no further; Monster Moby is a top quality bud worthy of any herb aficionado’s collection. This is one of our highest rated strains so be sure to add this to you cart when it is available.

Monster Moby is a supercharged version of the popular Moby strain. It is a power hitting hybrid that is quick to hit you with a wave of euphoria. The high is described as a happy and uplifting one at first, that soon transitions into a deep state of relaxation leading to extreme couch lock. For these reasons, this strain is best used towards the end of your day or when you are free to chill for hours.

These are beautiful looking buds that are as nice to look at as it is potent. omit a pungent piney and earthy aroma. These light green buds are completely blanketed in trichomes making it sticky to handle. When smoked, Monster Moby has a strong musky flavor when inhaling, and a strong citrus scent when exhaling. We are confident that you won’t regret purchasing Monster Moby.



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