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These Chocolate bars are delicious and provide a multitude of benefits.  The bars can be easily broken into six pieces to give you an accurate micro dose everytime.  With a generous 300mg of THC per regular bar, you will definitely feel these bars.  The chocolate is imported from Switzerland,  and made with high grade, lab tested distillate.  Tempered and poured locally in Vancouver, there is no better chocolate bar available in my honest opinion.

According to doctors, getting 8 hours of sleep is critical for your mental and physical health.  I personally use these chocolate bars all the time to help me sleep.  In my opinion, there is nothing better than an edible for getting a good nights sleep.  For someone who has lived through some horrible accidents, and I have tried every sleep narcotic under the sun, these chocolate bars give me the best sleep with next to no side effects.   The worst side effect that I’ve personally experience (if you want to call it that) is waking up groggy and possibly a little high.  It may take an extra 10 minutes to shake the cobwebs out of my head in the morning, but after you will feel better than ever.  If you’re fighting sickness, sleep is the best medicine.  These bars will help you get a long healing rem sleep, leaving you refreshed and ready for the next day.

They also help stimulate your appetite if you are having a hard time getting hungry, these bars will help get your diet back on track.

Lastly, and probably the most fun part of these bars, is well, getting high.  If you can stay awake, a great body buzz will envelop your whole body and put you into a state of pure relaxation and euphoria.  Relaxing at the beach, or on the couch can’t be beat any other way.

Edibles can sometimes take hours for them to activate in your body.  Do not eat more unless you are sure you can handle that dosage.  If you accidentally over dose yourself.  DO NOT PANIC.  You will be fine.  Close your eyes and try to enjoy yourself, it won’t last long.


Walter Green



Cookies & Creme
(300mg), Mint Chocolate (300mg), Wally Bar (300mg), Dark AF (double dose 300mg), Medicine Bar (CBD 200mg), CannaCandy Cane (300mg)


1 bar, 20 bars

4 reviews for Ms. Green’s – Chocolate Bars

  1. Thechronickid_00

    Thechronickid_00 (verified owner)

    These lovely and tasty bars are made by Walter’s Aunt and are easily the best chocolate bar edibles I’ve had. It’s nearly identical to the original and the taste of cannabis is hidden very well. The entire bar is 75mg of THC and splits into 6 pieces.

    Eating the whole bar over a few minutes gave me a mild, but enjoyable buzz, almost like taking a couple puffs off a joint. I do have a higher tolerance however and two bars would definitely hit me harder. Everyone has their sweet spot of course though.

  2. omentia

    omentia (verified owner)

    I am absolutely in love with the mint chocolate. So smooth and not overpowering at all with the taste of cannabis

  3. Jam514420

    Jam514420 (verified owner)

    These bars are delightful ! I went thru probably 12 in the last 2 weeks. A must have for you edibles lovers.

  4. FastnHard

    FastnHard (verified owner)

    These delicious snacks lit up my afternoons

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