A heavy hitting indica with a sweet taste and classic pine aroma.  Dense buds with a dusting of trichomes – this pheno of death bubba is one that’s going to be sure to satisfy. This indica will pick you up and then put you down into a death-like sleep. Heavy gasoline taste with a strong skunky pine smell.  A definite favourite if you’re looking for a strong indica to deal with stress, anxiety, insomnia, ease spasms, loss of appetite or calm chronic aches and pains.

Effects will kick in fairly quickly – you’ll get an initial buzz and burst of energy for a short period before your eyes will start burning making it difficult to keep them open. “Death” creeps in soon after in the form of an afternoon nap, or a deep unwavering sleep. Don’t wake and bake with this one unless you have absolutely nothing to do that day. Motivation to do anything but chill out will evaporate into a foggy cloud. This particular grow is incredibly effective at melting away ailments. If you’re looking to push away any issues for a little while, grab some of this one while it lasts.

1 review for Muerte

  1. Got_Sand

    Got_Sand (verified owner)

    It’s ok smoke, i wouldnt pay the 80 for it agian, it had a bit of bitter taste to it after exhaling, and didn’t burn as white as super Kush.

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