Nona Q is a rare strain with little known origins. The effects are more sativa like in where you will feel more energetic and motivated than tired. This strain delivers a well balanced high that offers the mellow relaxing feeling of an indica with the heightened feeling of a sativa.

Nona Q flavour is described as a very floral, earthy smell, with hints of diesel notes as you exhale. These buds are beautiful to look at sporting a bright green appearance speckled with dark strands of gold. This fast acting hybrid delivers a great sensation and is a great choice for any type of smoker.

2 reviews for NonaQ

  1. TheJudge

    The Judge (verified owner)

    Never heard of this strain before and wanted something different and this one fits the bill. Strange smell on this one that I can only describe as funky vanilla? Bag appeal is high with purple and bright green highlights. Tastes good and is decently potent. Normally would be four stars but because the price is mid range it’s a really good value, which bumps it up for me.

  2. oshaway

    oshaway (verified owner)

    I have a high tolerance and this stuff does pretty good.

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