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10 reviews for Tom Ford’s – Pink Kush

  1. leelee

    Natalie Harlow (verified owner)

    ohh yea baby!!!

  2. leelee

    Natalie Harlow (verified owner)

    Soo impressive. Sit you on your a** .. if you want a dank indica, this is #1 in my books!

  3. Damer

    Sarah Harlow (verified owner)

    Nice strong indica big buds. Add to the list of favs again Walter!

  4. Oshiko

    Oshiko (verified owner)

    C.R.A.Z.Y potent stuff !

    Buybcbud are the place to choice to shop online !
    Try them – you wont be disapointed !
    Iam not a bot – i did not get paid to review the product – all is 100 % true and authentic
    Thanks ! 10/10

  5. BiPolarBear

    BiPolarBear (verified owner)

    This is the 4th rendition of AAAA TFPK I’ve tried and it is THE BEST! Dankest earthy kush there is.

  6. Loop

    Loop (verified owner)

    Very gassy trichome covered buds. I had to try this out during the day as it kept knocking me out if I smoked it late at night. Great combo of body high and euphoria followed by a need to go to sleep.

  7. Thechronickid_00

    Thechronickid_00 (verified owner)

    I’ve had this strain a hand full of times and absolutely love it, especially as a huge fan of any pink related strains. I can easily say this is the best rendition of Tom Ford I’ve had the pleasure of smoking. The buds arrived in a super sticky fashion and stuck to anything with ease. Just handling them for picture taking was enough to leave my fingers clinging together. Full, visible trichome heads that blanket these dense and heavily resinous nugs from head to toe.

    My house absolutely stunk minutes after opening the lid on this Tom Ford. It’s very pungent and will definitely make any lover of gassy strains smile. Has that classic pink aroma but very pronounced with notes of deep gas and a sweet, floral finish. Heavy and thick smoke that carries over the taste flawlessly and is smooth on the exhale. Leaves the whole pallet covered in it’s goodness long after a puff.

    The high is exactly what you would expect from a potent and heavy indica. Extremely relaxing mind and body high, with strong euphoric effects. Anything I tried to focus on was pretty useless as I would easily drift away and eventually got pretty tired. Not usually someone who falls asleep too often after a session, but this one definitely had me tired more than once.

  8. Amudder

    Amudder (verified owner)

    I really like this for a happy , delicious relaxing buzz and smoke.
    Thank you so much for such a beautiful bouquet of bud .
    Like that song ” Happy Happy …” lol

  9. Boltonryan1977

    Ryan Bolt (verified owner)

    An absolute powerhouse of a pink! has the classic pink smell with a hit of gas thrown in the mix! This had to be the BEST Tom Ford I’ve had to date, definitely most potent! Takes a lot for me being a 30+ year smoker and one joint love caked me to my wheelchair for the afternoon. Keep it coming Walter, I only now deal with this MOM and one other. Thank you for being honest and transparent

  10. Slimsouf

    Slimsouf (verified owner)

    Just Wow, AAAA quality on fire, super quick delivery, thanks Team.
    Beginers smokers please tread lightly lol

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