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A powerful indica with dense buds that reek of gasoline. The taste is classic indica – earthy and rich with a slight burn that satisfies. If you need a strong indica to help you sleep, quell your pains, or just slow you down after a long day – wheelchair weed is going to be something you should be checking out.

12 reviews for Wheelchair Weed

  1. Chindong420

    BigB (verified owner)

    Newbies tread cautiously ….some potent pleasure here.

  2. Damer

    Damer (verified owner)

    Whoa when Walter recommended this to me he knew we like a strong indica. Thats exactly what it is. Strong taste and smell, and the high had me ready to lay on the couch and chill for the night. Added this to my favorite selection for sure!

  3. Neoink

    Neoink (verified owner)

    WOW!!!!! This is truly Wheelchair Weed. Rolled a cone and between a buddy and I, we smoked about 2/3 before we had to tap out. Best stuff we’ve had in a while 🙂

  4. Oshiko

    Oshiko (verified owner)

    C.R.A.Z.Y potent stuff !

    Buybcbud are the place to choice to shop online !
    Try them – you wont be disapointed !
    Iam not a bot – i did not get paid to review the product – all is 100 % true and authentic
    Thanks ! 10/10

  5. Loop

    Loop (verified owner)

    Nice gassy Kush. Tastes great. I don’t find it sedating at all but is great for full body relaxation. This is great for numbing pain.

  6. Surge

    Surge (verified owner)

    Fifteen years under my belt using medical cannabis for irritable bowel disease, this is as good as it gets!!!
    This strain is my go to for full body relaxation and within the hour off to sleep I go. I have chronic pain and this medicine does what I need.
    -10/10 would recommend. Packed with glistening trichomes and dank kush gassy scent, this flower is tasty and potent, great for chronic pain and sleep. Keep up the great work Walter I haven’t been more impressed with quality in my chronical career, outstanding craftsmanship and finished with love.

  7. Thechronickid_00

    Thechronickid_00 (verified owner)

    I’ve heard the term Wheelchair weed before as a slang for a really powerful and couch locking indica. This one that Walter recommended from his site is definitely worthy of the saying. Comes in a 10 gram plastic container sealed with a tuna can lid and the buds within were very sticky to the touch and extremely resinous. Each bud is coated in a blanket of trichomes, sporting hues of greens, and vibrant orange hairs. Also a pretty a good trim with minimal sugar leaf hear and there.

    Very pungent and dank aroma after popping open the sealed can lid. Notes of powerful gas and diesel fuel ooze off the bud, especially after grinding, and sting the senses when going in for a smell. The taste is equally as loud and pronounced when smoked, with a heavy and sharp gassyness on the exhale, with some piney, kushy undertones. Produces a very thick but smooth smoke as well, and burns with a light coloured ash and oil ring.

    Just like the name suggests, the high this one offers is a heavy and potent couch locker that left me glued to my chair. Relaxing, body buzzing effects as well, and my legs felt heavy and unwilling to be of use. Not necessarily sedating right away, making it perfect for gaming and tv. It did however leave me very burned out and lazy afterwards.

  8. wildman

    wildman (verified owner)

    Walter: The Sequel, Back with a Vengeance. lol
    I spent a day and night with the wheelchair, it’s a very mellow and smooth ride. It might make you want to sit, but also put you in a good mood while doing so. Good enough that you might find your legs moving anyway, with the help of the Wheelchair, before it helps wheel you to bed. lol

    Found it helpful with appetite and stomach/gastro settling as another reviewer mentioned, real mellow on the body and easing on the mind.

    Popping the container makes you go “whew!”, very strong gassy earthy scent in your face, really nice, makes a room smell up for hours. Taste is just as good, little spicy to go with it.

    Buds are nice and dense, pretty resinous and sticky, but not too sticky, can see it sparkle under direct light, grinds apart nicely. This is a good one for sure! Thanks for the service.

  9. Stonedcoldnut

    Stonedcoldnut (verified owner)

    It’s been a while since I’ve had flower this good. This stuff is an amazing indica! As mentioned above, as soon as you pop the lid on the little plastic jar this came in you are smacked with that amazing coffee/gassy smell that we all love! The buds seem almost too dry when you first touch them but that concern is GONE the moment you start breaking these buds up. The inside is like Glue!! SUPER sticky, almost difficult to roll because if you touch the ground up bud it sticks to your fingers completely. A GOOD problem to have. Quickly after taking just a couple gassy af pulls on the j you are met with HEAVY effects. Extreme relaxation, heavy eyes, cotton mouth, all that good stuff that comes with a phenomenal indica strain. The bottom line is that this is an incredible indica that’s been grown to perfection. Welcome back Walter! We’ve missed you buddy, your old site slipped quite a bit in the last year or so but it seems that you’re back to doing what you do best, providing us with some unreal products but now you’re prices are even better!! Keep it up sir, I will be back for more soon!!

  10. BiPolarBear

    BiPolarBear (verified owner)

    Outstanding indica. Gassss from the can. So potent. Great couch lock and magical sleep. Newbies take it slow. This site is the best bang for the buck I ever experienced. I don’t even look at other places anymore.

  11. Soulsista

    Tylene Thompkins (verified owner)

    I saw wheelchair and snickered like yeah right… Yup! It’s wheelchair… grab your blanky and your snacks before holding down your sofa.

  12. darmer

    darmer (verified owner)

    It’s true friends!! The name wheelchair weed best describes this stuff. Hits hard and fast , you wont want to move around for an hour or two after taking a nip.

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